ABELL in PMRexpo 2022 Germany


ABELL, a high-tech company based in Shenzhen, China,attracted the attention of global wireless communications resells at Expo PMR2022, which took place from November 22 to November 24. This was the debut of "NewA5 Series DMR Radio", "Manpack SFR Repeater R50(10)", and"Intrinsically Safe Series" of ABELL in the international exhibition.The presence of these models piqued the interest and inquiries of new resellers.

Since the ABELL A7 series debuted on the global marketin 2018, it has gotten a lot of great feedback from partners all over theworld. Dealers from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa gave favorablefeedback on all the DMR Solution devices that ABELL showed at the exhibition.The DMR New A5 series, among them, boasts several amazing characteristics, likecrystal-clear sound, reduced power usage, and increased battery usage time (67hours on standby, and about 28 hours in 5-5-90 digital mode). After testing theA520T and A580T in-person, numerous dealers demonstrated a great desire to collaborate.

In addition, the ABELL "Intrinsically SafeSeries" was also one of the main concerns of the suppliers. During thediscussions, they expressed a strong desire to see more ABELL explosive-proofmodels.

Since ABELL is a global brand, we quite familiar withbrand value. We actively networked with numerous foreign media outlets whilethe show was carrying on. In additional, Thanks Philip, the head editor of theprestigious British magazine Critical Communication Today, interviewed us anddiscussed a lot about industry development.


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