In May 2023, ABELL received certifications for its Environmental Management System.


Inaddition, ABELL cares deeply about the environment.

The ISO 14000 series standards are designed to promote globalenvironmental quality improvement. They strengthen enterprises environmentalawareness, management capabilities, and protection measures through a set ofenvironmental management framework documents, in order to improve environmentalquality. It is a voluntary standard adopted by enterprises to verify whetherthe enterprise management of environmental factors achieves the goal ofimproving environmental performance, while meeting the requirements of relevantparties and satisfying society's requirements for environmental protection,clean production, pollution reduction, and sustainable development.

As an excellent provider of communication industry terminals inChina, ABELL firmly believes in and supports sustainable development. We arecommitted to improving global environmental quality by strengtheningenvironmental protection management and providing "Green" value tohuman society.

CertificateNo. : 9144030073414592XH

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