In May 2023, ABELL received certifications for its Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


ABELLplaces a strong emphasis on Health and Safety.

Through professional investigation and compliance assessmentsaccording to relevant regulations, we identify hazards in our products,services, activities, and work environment. We have established a managementsystem that includes organizational structure, responsibilities, training,information communication, emergency preparedness and response, and otherelements to continuously improve occupational health and safety performance.Our aim is to reduce and prevent losses of life, property, time, andenvironmental damage through management.

“Obtaining the ISO 45001 certification is powerful evidence ofABELL's commitment to take our employees seriously in the production andbusiness operation process, and our responsibility to focus on the health andsafety of all employees. We view the ISO standard as a tool to focus on safe andcompliant processes, providing low-risk value to customers and consumers.”

CertificateNo. : 74823S0120R0

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