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Abell Industries Co. Ltd. was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Shenzhen City and is one of the leading wireless telecom equipment manufacturers in China.   Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products at the best prices and to offer customized solutions to satisfy the ever-changing needs and work demands of our customers.

With more than 200 employees and over 60 highly trained and experienced engineers, Abell is capable of producing 15,000 units per month.   All of our radios are designed by us in-house, starting with unit design through software and   hardware implementation to final assembly.

Our Chief Engineer come to us from ZTE, which owns one of the digital patents, and under his leadership Abell is able to provide a wide variety of analog and digital solutions to our customers.   Abell's portfolio includes portable/mobile radios, repeater systems, and power amplifiers designed and built with the latest technology.   As an ISO-9001 company certified by UKAS, Abell’s quality standards comply with the U.S. Military standard.

Abell also carries out Total Quality Management in each department, including R&D, Procurement, Production, Inspection and Quality Control.   To ensure consistent top quality raw materials, Abell’s AVL (Approved Vendor List) includes world-leading suppliers such as Mitsubishi, Rohm, Panasonic, and Fujitsu. Based on MIL-STD810, Abell's inspection tests include aging, vibration, high/low temperature testing, and dust/rain/salt/fog simulation.

With over 20 years of experience in the wireless telecom field, Abell's prestigious partners are located all over the world, including Brazil, Peru, UK,   Chili, Peru, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey,   Morocco, and South Africa.

Culture of ABELL is very important, which support the efficient and effective communciation and high level quality of ABELL, mainly include the following 3 parts:


1, Guard what you say, not allowed to spread falsehoods.

2, When you refuse something or say no to something, you must know your real reason and tell others the true reason. You are not allowed to refuse or say no to something without any legitimate reason or hide your real reason.

3, You can not accuse others misunderstand you; you need to ask yourself first why others confused or misheard you.

4, You must be objective, serious and full of reasearching but not pursue face, authority and power.


1, If your team can not work better than you, you are not a qualified leader.

2, The team power need to be enlarged one by one, you can not block it in your stage.

3, If you distribute your subordinate a management subject, he will develop into a manager; if you distribute a concrete order to your subordinate, he will develop into a servant only.

4, ABELL’s good leader=strong self-ability + employee people who are better and bold to train people + responsibility + serious + honesty + transparency.

5, A strong leader likes strong subordinate, a disable leader likes to be conceited.

6, If your team runs well without you, you are a good leader; if your team can not run without you, the company can not develop with you.

7, If you are busy with what your subordinate can do everyday, you are a subordinate.

8, The company’s develop depends on multiplication, plus can only delay.

9, Neither of develop business nor develop people is dispensable.

10, An excellent leader not only offer salary to subordinate but also offer coaching, growing, opportunity and a pleasure working environment.


1, Every ABELL staff should be a real professional manager.

2, Only you are brave enough to take responsibility, you can take more responsibility.

3, Pursue career but not prestige, fair and transparent but not black case work, get correct and the most important is effective work and get achievement.

4, Minor victory depends on intelligence, great victory depends on virtues.

5, The great ideal the simpler life, think and act as one and same way.

6, Be watchful over yourself when you are alone. Self-interest can not be hidden forever.

7, It’s absurd to accumulate seniority, it’s correct to devote to your work.

8, To be standardized and transparent to your superior, to win over the people by virtues, not lord it over to your subordinate.

9, Teach your subordinate to be faithful to ABELL but not yourself.

10, The growth of a professional manager: rectify the mind, watch the mouth, cultivation of the person, regulate the family, govern the states, put the whole kingdom governs latter.

11, Only simple life can explicate one’s ambition and be quite to go far.

ABELL, the trademark is special and unique.

Firstly, the pronunciation of ABELL, is similar to the Chinese words 欧标. 欧标 is our trademark registered in China , it means the European standard. What the relationship between our our trademark and the European standard? The story is like this. Our CEO Hugo Yang formerly studied in America many years ago, and he bought one pair of sheo, made in Europe, many years later, this pair of sheo was still of good status after years of usage, very comfortable. Then, he took the European standard of product to be the best in the world, and also made it to our company target, to produce the product with the best quality in the world. All our employees are also trained with this belief to maintain our high quality through the process of product design, and production.

Secondly, ABELL is also the same pronunciation with the word able. One of our slogans is ABELL is able…” That means, we are able to produce the product with the best quality, we are able to provide the product with the best performance, we are able to develop the best technology in wireless communication to support customers need. ABELL is a company keep investing in the technology upgrading, products optimization, and high quality control. That is why we say ABELL is able…”

Now, ABELL is famous in high quality and top performance product line in those countries we are selling. Our goal is to be the top brand in wireless communication, build our brand ABELL to be longevous.    


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