Tunnel, Canal, Highway professional wireless communication solutions

Ø Application diagram

Ø Application advantages

l Same frequency IP networking technology, the radio (digital/analogue) can accomplish roaming across base station automatically without changing tunnel, to resolve the problem of same frequency interference which caused by multiple base station area coverage;

l Support for multiple tunnel of multiple interconnected, consist of large area network, capable of carrying high telephone traffic;

l System support: analogue(25khz/20khz/12.5khz), digital DMR...extend to support other wireless system;

l Supporting wired IP access, networking convenience, stable performance, cost budget;

l Supporting variety of wireless/wired networking method of WiFi, fiber, microwave link,professional link;

l It is able to allocate management center platform, to make system dispatching convenient;

l Public network support, cellphone (2G/3G/4G) interconnected support;

l PTT over cellular(POC) interconnected support.

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